We show you how you can update your home on a tight and limited budget. Do you want to upgrade the bathtub in the bathroom, add skylights to the bedroom, or original Victorian tiles at your terrace? We have cheap and affordable ideas.  We hope to find them as inspiring as we do.

Asbestos Removal Melbourne

Stairs are often the first thing you see while walking at home. Why not upgrade the shabby treads with elegant and stylish ladder runners. Make a big impact by choosing a bold or striped coloured runner.

A coat of paint will surely transform the look of your front door. However, sometimes, you cannot safe it just by adding paints to it. Alternatively, you should invest on a new one to make a good impression. In some stores, you can also design your own door.

The fireplace is a beautiful focal point in every room. There are many models of affordable cast iron and fireplaces completed with contemporary or traditional decor perfectly.

Traditional features such as cornicing is invaluable and often it badly needs some total renovation. Often hidden by layers of paint, stripping the cornicing off can show and make a feature of the period detail in your house.

You will never have too much space, so make use of every inch of your house by installing special shelves. Get it tailored to the beautiful style and space of the size you want. From tricky corners to every nook; you can maximize those spaces with additional shelves.

To make sure that your house is safe for your family members, do check for dangerous leads, asbestos and mold in your house. If you live in an old house in Melbourne, there is a huge chance that your house is built with asbestos as the building material. Always consult a professional asbestos removal Melbourne Service (https://www.asbestoswatchmelbourne.com.au/asbestos-removal-melbourne/)  to check the presence of asbestos in your house.

You can change the look of your kitchen in a budget with laminate worktop and smart tile choices. Copy expensive tile on the market and choose what gives the illusion of a high cost design.

Original tiles often have a layer of old wax, polish, or ground-in grime on them. They can detract the tiles from their original charm. Also, you might have some that are broken or worked loose. Do not panic though! Cleaning them professionally can restore your tiles to their former glory.

If you are currently looking for the perfect rug for your living room and you can’t find your dream design, don’t be upset. There is many companies who can help you create a carpet or rug to your exact needs for less than you might expect.

Well-designed shutters can make a statement in any room in a house. Shutters provide some privacy and also a cool way to filter direct light into your house. You can try to team the shutters with light drapes or do them with other window treatments together.

If you want a power shower but the water pressure is low and you do not have a combi-boiler, we have a solution for you. Install the pump to increase the water pressure and thermostatic valve to keep the temperature and get the power in the shower that you always want.

Add glossy glass behind colorful wall panels as an alternative to elegant tiles for modern and stylish upgrades.

If you have a dark room or bathroom, off-the-sky skylights are a relatively inexpensive architectural solution. It will immediately light up any room and change any space.

Update your old, vintage sofa with some new and funky fabric! Give this sentimental piece a new breath of life with new, neat upholstery.

Great, quality appliances can add big value to your kitchen. An Australian-style fridge freezer, as an example, can add huge wow factor and you can also take it with you if you move to another house.


So, what do you think about these great 15 ideas? Do you think you can try one of these ideas? Please leave a comment and tell us of which one will you try first. Good luck!