Hello there! My name is Scarlet. I am 35 years old and have a great passion for home living. Since I was a kid, I always loved to arrange my room so it would become tidy. Meanwhile, most of the children in that age were focusing on playing their toys. As I started to grow up, my mother always asked me to arrange the living room.

Personally, a nice arranged room can make me so relax. However, organising a room doesn’t mean you must make everything neat. Sometimes, you can make something out of order to create the feel of home. Arranging a room is creating a different level of art. For me, to be able realising one personality in a room is a work of art.

I didn’t go to any university. Mostly, I enriched my knowledge through short courses. I also gain more experiences through customer orders. When someone asks me either I’m an architect or an interior designer, I always answer it with “I’m a makeup-room artist”.

It is entertaining to connect with people through my works. It also helps me know the customer better. That is why I also gain more friends through my profession.